Title of the document "A Right Choice for a Bright Future"

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Gender Sensitivity


VKV GDC, KOTHAPETA has a systematic work culture and the institution has been promoting gender equity to a great extent. To promote women empowerment and to create equal opportunities to all girls, the students are encouraged to participate in all activities to build confidence viz…Academic, Curricular, Co-curricular, Literary, Cultural, Social activities to prove their merit and talent. The College treats all students alike by encouraging them to participate in all activities.

       Safety, security and protective environment along-with the gender equity and friendly learning atmosphere always spread in the campus, so as to create congenial ties among the students irrespective of their gender.

        As a part of this the girl students were created opportunities to participate in the Certificate Courses, the institution was offering. The girl students appeared for all job skills training in the campus and proved their talent.

The best practice Gender Equity is well safe guarded by the Women Empowerment Cell. The women empowerment cell organized effective programs.The Women Empowerment Cell organized an awareness program to the students.


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