Functions of IQAC

Functions of the IQAC:

  1. Preparation implementation Annual Institutional Plan
  2. Collection and analys of feed back on teacher and curriculum.
  3. Submission of AQARs in time.
  4. Encourage the teaching staff for refreshing their knowledge by attending OCs and RCs
  5. To promote the research culture among the teaching staff.
  6. Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the institution.
  7. Encourage the staff to conduct workshops and National Seminars sponsored by various organisations.
  8. Conducting Alumni and Parents Teacher meetings
  9. Mobilisation of funds for research and other developmental activities in the institution.
  10. Laisening between academic and administration in the institution.

Strengths of the institution:

  1. Docile and hard working students
  2. Vast ground and infrastructure
  3. Experienced and dedicated teachers
  4. Jawahar Knowledge Cente
  5. Virtual labs

Weaknesses of the institution.

  1. Inadequate supporting staff
  2. The poor and rural background of the students
  3. Vacancies of the teaching posts.
  4. Existing in remote area from the state and district head quarters.