History of College

Viswakavi Vemana Government Degree college was established in 1979 in the name of Viswakavi Vemana who is popularly known as Praja Kavi – poet of the people. This college is located in kothapeta village on the banks of sacred river Godavri.The village is situated in Kothapeta Assembly and Amalapuram Parliamentary constituency of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Before the establishment of this college, there was no degree college in KothapetaTaluk, though it was one of the biggest Taluks comprising the present Manuals of Kothapeta, Ravulapalem and Atreyapuram. Upto 1979, higher education was a distant dream for these rural people. The youth of this area had to go either to Rajahmundry or Amalapuram for higher education. This had caused many hardships both to students and parents. Keeping this in view philanthropists like Sri M.V.S.Subbaraju put in great efforts for the establishment of the Kothapeta Taluk Educational Improvement Trust and subsequently this college. The college caters to the needs of students hailing from 82 villages surrounding kothapeta. The college is in its 32nd year of Existence.The College started its mission of providing higher education with a student strength of 84.The present strength is 494 of which 236 are men and 258 are women. At the time of inception , the college had two programmes of study viz.,B.A(Economics, History and Political science) and B.Com. In the year 1985-86,two science programmes viz.,B.Sc (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) and B.Sc(Botany,Zoology and chemistry) were added. Two self finance programmes viz.,B.Sc computers and B.S.c (Bio-Technology) were started from the academic year 2005-06. In the year 1996, the College was shifted to its own and new premises which measures 4.2 acres. At the time of shifting the college had only 5 class rooms and a Principal room in which the office was also accommodated. Later on with the relentless work of sri B.Satyananda Rao MLA the college has acquired 4 additional class rooms. The office cum staff room and the Sports room were constructed with MP( Member of Parliament ) funds in 1997.It was opened by sri Bandaru Satyananda Rao MLA. The ladies waiting room was constructed in 1998 with donations by Jampa Veerabhadra Rao and Bangaramma.In the same year Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Study center was opened by the then honorable minister for Higher Education, Sri GMC Bala yogi. The ground floor of the present office block with 4 rooms was constructed with Rs.26.35 lacks and came into use in the year 2000. The first floor of the same block with 4 rooms was built with Rs.10.00lacs in the year 2003. The ground floor of the computer lab came in to existence during the years 2003 and 2004 ( one room each year) with a total cost of 8.5 lacks. An additional accommodation of 4 class rooms is under construction with an amount of Rs.33 lacks Sri V.Rama Raju former lecturer of this college planted trees in the college campus.He used to spend four hours a day to water and nurture the plants.

Principal List

Sl.No Name From To
1 Sri.K.Ramamohana Rao B.Com Honrs 10-11-79 05-12-81
2 Sri.Ch.Rajeswara Rao MALLB 07-12-81 03-07-84
3 Sri.T.Krishna Mohana Rao MSc 08-07-84 01-11-84
4 P.S.N.Prasad MA(FAC) 02-11-84 04-12-84
5 Sri.T.Krishna Mohana RaoMSc 05-12-84 27-07-86
6 Sri.C.Saraswathi Rao M.Com (FAC) 28-07-86 14-09-86
7 Sri.T.Krishna Mohana Rao MSc 15-09-86 30-09-86
8 Sri.DIV.Mohana Rao MALLB 01-10-86 08-08-90
9 Sri.V.Rama Krishna RaoB.A.Honrs 09-08-90 31-03-92
10 Sri.V.SatyanarayanaM.A (FAC) 01-04-92 15-07-92
11 Sri.Y.Veerabhadra RaoB.A (Honrs) 16-07-92 03-06-94
12 Sri.M.R.K.RajuMSc (FAC) 03-06-94 17-06-96
13 Sri K.Chenchenna ,M.Sc. 18-06-96 30-06-96
14 Sri.K.V.R. Murthi M.A.BED (FAC) 05-07-96 12-09-96
15 Dr.D.D.Reddy Ms.Ph.D 13-09-96 04-05-99
16 Sri.Satyanarayana Murthi M.Com(FAC) 05-05-99 31-01-01
17 Sri.Satyanarayana Murthi M.Com.M.Phil.(FAC) 01-02-01 24-06-01
18 Sri.Appaji Rao M.Com 25-06-01 06-12-01
19 Sri.K.Satyanaraya Murthi M.Com.M.Phil. 07-12-01 06-02-04
20 Sri.K.Satyanaraya Murthi M.Com.M.Phil 07-02-04 29-02-04
21 Sri.K.Ranga Rao M.A (FAC) 01-03-04 31-08-04
22 Dr.B.Samuel M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D.(FAC) 01-09-04 06-07-07
23 Dr.K.V.S.Lakshmi Pathi Rao M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D 09-07-07 30-09-07
24 Sri.Md.Abdul Hakeem M.A.M.Ed (FAC) 01-10-07 29-02-08
25 Smt.G.Nagamani MSc (FAC) 01-03-08 03-07-08
26 Dr.S.Vijaya Kumar M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D 04-07-08 30-09-10
27 Sri.N.Laxmana Rao (FAC) 18-10-10 16-06-11
28 Dr.R.S.Venkatswara Rao M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D 17-06-11 28-03-16
29 G.Naga Mani(FAC) 29-03-16 06-04-16
30 R.S.Venkateswara Rao 07-04-16 19-08-16
31 K.Venkata Rao (FAC) 20-08-16 11-12-16
32 R.S.Venkateswara Rao 12-12-16 31-12-16
33 Sri. P.L Naidu (FAC) 01-01-17 08-06-17
34 Dr. Vaddi Pappaya Sastry 09-06-17 Till Date